Company Culture

Our Culture

At DTE we have a documented ethics and business conduct policy that explains the standards and principles that all employees, managers and officers must follow when working with employees, customers and the environments in which we conduct business. The policy addresses conflicts of interest, confidentiality, fair dealing with others, proper use of company assets, compliance with laws, keeping of books and records, zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment in the work environment, use of company computers and communications equipment, and reporting of violations.

We truly expect all employees and officers to conduct themselves professionally, responsibly, ethically and with integrity.


As a second-generation family owned business, we place a great deal of importance on family, the American spirit and a responsibility to the next generation.


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This heritage is from our father, Thomas E. Horvath Sr. (Big T), a true American entrepreneur.  We operate by a clear, executable and measurable strategy in all that we do. Most importantly this is supported by our employees and a culture that rewards entrepreneurial thinking, encourages creative innovative solutions and emphasizes a collaborative mindset.

The founding leader of this dynamic company is no longer with us. However, his vision, which incorporated the highest values of integrity, honesty and quality, is still alive today at DTE.